XELS Platform

The use of blockchain technology in clean energy trading
The Blockchain provides an opportunity to manage the world’s shared natural capital equitably. Decentralization provides new structures for collaboration and technological solutions that allow people to take accountability for assets that are shared among large groups of people. In particular, XELS is leveraging the following aspects of blockchain technology & smart contracts:
  • Immutable records of environmental credit ownership and utilization. Using distributed ledger technology and transparent records for supply chain management, it is now possible to provide a dramatic improvement in the transparency and immutability of carbon liabilities and the application of carbon offsets at precise points along the value chain.
  • Global fungibility and transferability of tokenized assets. Tokenization allows for the rapid global transfer of digitized representations of fungible environmental assets, with far less friction by using Smart Contracts.
  • Natural integration into other blockchain platforms. Other platforms are emerging for verification of ecological impact, supply chain tracking and more. Integration of these systems is converging towards the ability of any individual or corporation to measure and offset their carbon liabilities in automated systems.
The XELS token is a digital asset created with long-term stability and commercial viability in mind. It is envisioned as the ultimate benchmark for climate-focused utility.
How it Works:
The XELS token was developed following in-depth studies of the design, structure, strengths, and weaknesses of past successful token projects. These insights were then crafted into the design of the XELS Blockchain, resulting in a token that is resolute and robust in design, possessing all the strengths of other major coins avoiding their main issues and limitations.
Bringing our partners green solutions
We have designed and managed actions that bring public and private stakeholders to exchange know-how and collaborative design actions on sustainability and climate change. We are empowering our partners to make a difference for our planet by assessing their practices and helping them to identify sustainable solutions, which can include renewable power, energy management systems, energy efficiency improvements, and carbon assessments and mitigation. These solutions support our partners to grow as sustainability leaders and achieving a lasting impact on the environment.
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