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XELS Chain is a bespoke enterprise blockchain for the transparent purchase and retirement of carbon credits. The XELS Token is the XELS Chain’s native asset, which exists as a representation of actual carbon credits - backed 1:1 by real-world, high-quality carbon offset projects.

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XELS Chain

Blockchain’s distributed ledger technology is the perfect use case for carbon credits, as tokenized credits like XELS cannot be changed, reversed, or double-spent. XELS can also be “burned,” along with a public transaction record that proves the associated credit has been retired forever.

XELS Chain takes a hybrid proof-of-stake (Ethereum) and proof-of-work (Bitcoin) approach, enabling users to run it on a standard laptop or smartphone. This hybrid consensus mechanism is better for the environment, as it doesn’t require electricity-hungry mining rigs, while also maintaining a high level of security.

Help us secure and run XELS by downloading and running the XELS Wallet. The more you have and hold, the more XELS Coins you earn.

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XELS Tokenomics

Initial Generation


20% Operating Expenses


9% Team


47% Token Sales


15% Liquidity


9% Bonuses and marketing


XELS Wallet for iOS, Android, and desktop coming soon.