Enterprise Solutions

XELS Enterprise Solutions brings blockchain to businesses. XELS Solutions will help enterprises, governments, non-profits, and startups across the globe to build, test, and deploy public and private blockchain solutions focused primarily on climate change and ecological initiatives.
Moreover, the solutions team also includes education, advisory, and development services, as well as opportunities for joint ventures and co-creation. The solutions that XELS will be offering are directly in line with their mission for a sustainable future. All companies that would like to work with XELS will be vetted to determine an alignment of visions and complementary assets.
Services Include:
Use Case Development & Iteration
Blockchain technology is a very recent and fast evolving phenomenon with the potential to disrupt various industries. Organizations are thus increasingly looking at the technology and are forming multi-functional teams to evaluate the technology and its impact on their businesses. However, researchers and practitioners still lack a technology-driven, systematic approach to understand the potential of blockchain and to develop convincing use cases.
We address this research gap by utilizing the knowledge of XELS’ network top cryptographers, engineers, financial experts, and economic thinkers to help organizations explore relevant blockchain technology and application use cases that tackle climate-related issues and their emerging technological, regulatory, operational, and strategic risks.
Our methodological approach is based on action design research (ADR) and situational method engineering (SME). Based on the presented results; we believe that the XELS method can support various industries in better understanding blockchain technology and in identifying use cases worth addressing in proof-of-concept and pilot projects. We will help partners to understand what blockchain can do but also – and sometimes more importantly – what the technology cannot. Our method seeks to channel creativity and not to advocate the adoption of blockchain technology were better technological options exist.
XELS Blockchain Development
Having broad experience in developing secure applications, from ideation to functioning prototype and platform management, XELS will help clients build the future of decentralized technology through rapid prototyping, solution delivery, system integration, and ongoing support using the XELS blockchain. Our team is committed to assisting partners on all levels to bring clarity and understanding of that sophisticated technology.
Internal Controls Development
Following its commitment with best management practices, XELS Solutions advisory team will help potential partners with compliance. Developing, implementing and running internal controls and assisting in general capacity building to handle future reporting. From blockchain companies to manufacturers, proper rules combined with internal and external lines of communication will need to be developed allowing the XELS Solutions team to internally assist with this development or exploring the benefit of having XELS externally, managing risk in accordance with your needs.
Venture Development
On a very selective basis, we assist in the strategic development of privately-owned business ventures, usually blockchain-based or energy efficiency-based. XELS will help co-create new platforms and business models. Partnering with XELS will allow for the deployment, and growth of decentralized ventures, leveraging the XELS ecosystem knowledge, resources, and community.
We invite for our consideration privately-owned business ventures, particularly Blockchain and Energy efficiency-related, which are:
  • Targeted to specific customer demand where the market is clearly defined.
  • Capable of competitive value differentiation in the customer's mind.
  • Capable of a tightly-defined and compelling customer value proposition.
  • Beyond the idea stage and preferably having proof-of-concept demonstrated.
  • Capable of business valuation of $50 million or more within five years.